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Oslo & Emilia-Romagna join the European Talent Mobility Forum

We are proud to announce our two new member additions to the European Talent Mobility Forum: Welcome Oslo and Emilia-Romagna!

The Forum in itself is always open to collaborate with places across Europe and beyond.

We continuously keep an eye out for emerging frontrunners in the field.

As such, we have been very impressed by the work carried out in the field of talent attraction and retention by both The Oslo Region Alliance in Norway and ART-ER in Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

From strategy to operation these 2 organizations and places have become a role model to follow.

Check out their great work and do reach out if you would like an introduction.

The Emilia-Romagna Joint Stock Consortium for fostering the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness, and internationalization of the territory.

The alliance is a collaborative, political membership organization with a goal to strengthen the Oslo region internationally as a competitive and sustainable region.



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