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Interview: East Africa European tech talent bridge

Morten King-Grubert from Future Place Leadership and Stefan Franzke CEO of Berlin Partner were representing in March 2023 at Kenya's second largest news station KTN NEWS. They were interviewed over the East Africa European Talent Bridging trip: The trade delegation attended the Africa Tech Summit in Nairobi, in addition to meeting with startup communities, business partners, ecosystem experts and government officials across Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda for network building and to exchange expertise.

With the East Africa European tech talent bridge, we will work on behalf of both continents to secure that access to critical skills is accessible in a much wider scope than the local market. African talent is rising and highly motivated. Be it fostering internships, employment, entrepreneurship, there is so much both sides can profit from each other. We want to make these opportunities visible, for companies in Europe and in Africa.” Burkhard Volbracht, Head of Unit, Berlin Partner and the great instigator behind the Talent bridge and our longterm partner.



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